Muaaz Yasin

There’s not much to say about myself really. I’m currently working and a full-time student who has active interest in politics but from an Islamic viewpoint; playing an active role in bringing such discussions to the forefront on all platforms including on a local level in Rochdale and Manchester, England. Although, I have no interest in gaining popularity, I felt using the internet is impersonal as it is and maybe being able to put a picture to the way breaks down some of those barriers.

I only started this blog as way to create an online library of discussions which affect millions of people from around the world including Muslims and non-Muslims. Its purely to encourage individuals to look at Islam in a different light and to also encourage an intellectual discourse regarding Islam’s role within an ever-changing world but in particular the Muslim world.

I make no claims to being a great writer or professional blogger but I felt I could reach a wider audience by using this blog as pedestal to air my views. This platform therefore, was created for me to share my ideas and thoughts on what Islam has to say about current realities. I would like to make it very clear that I have no issues with disagreements or with the critiquing of Islam or my viewpoint as long as its sincere debate to learn or to educate. Hence, please feel free to contribute, share and contact me regarding anything.

The blog itself is a work in process and not everything on this site is written by me but I will endevour to update on a regular basis and put my own contributions on to the blog whenever possible. I’m also looking for people to contribute and give me feedback so please feel free to put forward



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