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The Importance of Thinking about Death

The following is a translated article from Arabic that appeared in al-Waie Magazine. The rising of the sun reminds of Sakhr, I remember him at every sunset, If it were not for the number of those weeping around me, for their brothers, I surely would have killed myself, they do not cry for anyone as … Continue reading

Iman must be Definitive

Allah (swt) says: “And verily guess is no substitute for the truth.” [TMQ 53:28] “When it is said to them: “Follow what Allah has sent down.” They say: “Nay! We shall follow what we found our fathers following.” (Would they do that!) even though their fathers did not understand anything nor were they guided?”  [TMQ … Continue reading

Comprehending the meaning of Reverence

The instinct of reverence is innate and constant in human beings, for it is the feeling of the need for the Creator and the Organiser, regardless of how people interpret that Creator. Whether they are Christians, Jews, Hindu’s. Buddhists, believers in nature as the organiser, Muslims or atheists this instinct is innate. The instinct of … Continue reading

Dawkins the Agnostic, and the Limitations of Science

Richard Dawkins is known throughout the world as a prominent advocate for atheism and evolution, however he admitted in February 2012 that he has some doubt over whether a God could exist. In a debate with Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, Dawkins remarked that he was less than 100% sure that a God does … Continue reading

Multiverse and Infinity

Multiverse is a theoretical model to help describe phenomena we see in our universe. Multiverse could be in time or different location. Multiverse in time simply means the universe we inhabit has undergone a period of expansion and then under the force of gravity it begins to contract till it reaches an quantum singularity where … Continue reading

Quantum Mechanics and Heisenbergs Uncertainty Principle

The basic proposition is that energy and therefore matter (matter being concentrated energy that exhibits mass) cannot be subdivided into ever smaller pieces but has a basic unit called the quanta. So energy goes from a lower state to a higher state in discreet steps. Like a staircase rather than a ramp. And the steps … Continue reading

Excavating Evolution

The Scientific Dogma of the 20th century Observe the sun rising in the morning, the stars hanging in the sky in their beautiful order, the incredible nature of man or of any other creature for that matter. See their intricate system interwoven, as splendid tapestry, systems upon systems, beauty upon beauty, complexity upon complexity. If … Continue reading

Proof of the Qur’an

Once we have concluded definitively that God exists the next obvious question that arises is that has God sent a revelation for us to follow. It is clear that we are not able to communicate with God and therefore we are unable to know what He wants us to do; how He wants us to … Continue reading

Proof of the Existence of God

Let us begin by discussing the proof of the existence of God. Although we are taught theories regarding the origin of the Universe and origin of the Man such as the big bang theory and the theory of evolution, we should realise that they contradict the clear reality which everyone can sense. The fundamental proof … Continue reading

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