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Aleppo: A sign of hope

As Muslims, viewing the atrocities of Aleppo has been difficult and heart wrenching. We’ve witnessed the slaughter of thousands of Muslims by the bloody hands of Bashar Al-Assad and his forces as the world does nothing except watch the spectacle unfold, while Muslim rulers continue in their treachery and deceit and to refuse to send … Continue reading

A Call to the Fighter Organizations and the Clans in Iraq and Ash-Sham: Stop the Infighting amongst Yourselves Since America Exploits your fighting to Intervene Militarily in your Country

Events in Iraq and Syria have accelerated, and accelerated with it are Obama’s remarks on 18/08/2014, and the remarks of his Defense Secretary Hegel and the Chief of Staff Dempsey, at the press conference on 22/08/2014, about Obama’s long-term strategy for military intervention in the region, and about the way to create an international coalition … Continue reading

Future of the Muslim World

The removal of Mubaruk in Egypt and leaders of other nations in the area should not be seen as victory in the eyes of Muslims but a step in the path for change. Muslims need to understand problems in the Muslim world are clearly systemic. Liberalism and democracy have done nothing for the progression of … Continue reading

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