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The Muslim World: Khilafah – The Need for Political Unity

Muslims can be very skeptical and pessimistic about the potential of the Muslim world. Over the years especially Muslims living in the West, have become very pragmatic when seeking a solution to the corruption and instability in the Muslim World. The political and economical potential of the Muslim world is in fact electrifying and western interest … Continue reading

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  • If you keep blaming someone else for your problems then you'll never understand why problems exist, secular governance? #PMQs 1 week ago
  • Long list of broken pledges being highlighted with no accountability, no answers and the cycle continues to repeat itself #PMQs 1 week ago
  • @avochie Can such a thing exist? Where our personal beliefs don't in some way shape our judgment even on a subconscious level 1 week ago
  • I find it strange that in a society that pins itself on pluralism Jacob Rees-Mogg is ostracised for his views #JacobReesMogg 1 week ago
  • Reading books doesn't make you more intelligent but it does make you more aware #ReadABookDay 1 week ago